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Dream Skin and Body Spa
53 Grand Boulevard
Joondalup WA 6027

Tel: 9301 2269

Opening Hours

Mon 9am - 5.30pm  
Tues 9am - 5.30pm  
Wed 9am - 8.30pm  
Thurs 9am - 8.30pm  
Friday 9am - 5.30pm  
Sat 9am - 5.30pm  


Late nights strictly by appointment!!

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Catalyst Retinol Peel

$150.00 GST inc.
SKU: Catalyst Retinol Peel

This peel contains concentrated levels of pure retinol (vit.a), to counteract skin aging, UV damage, normalize your skin exfoliation process, refine and resurface the skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, even your skin tone out and provide relief as an anti-inflammatory for acne sufferers.     
Allow 45 mins - $150

Price: $150.00 GST inc.