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Best lotion for Dry skin

Women have a natural desire to look young in every age. It is only possible when their skin is clean from all types of spots and dust. The other factors that contribute in skin damaging and color are direct exposure of skin to sunlight, dirt and dust. Biocos whitening Lotion is the answer of this big question. Biocos whitening Lotion is not just a whitening Lotion. It is a solution of all your skin problems.

You can use our whitening Lotion as a sunscreen as well. We have added natural and organic sunscreens. BF 16 helps your skin to reduce production of melanin in your skin. It blocks sun rays to enter into your skin. Aloevera gel in our formula provides your skin moisture whenever you reach home. The hydrating power of aloevera gel provides you long-lasting effects. The use of lemon in the lotion helps to decrease dark spots. Biocos added collagen in their whitening lotion that reduce premature ageing and rejuvenate your skin. Natural antioxidants in Biocos whitening lotion not only repairs your skin cells but also helps to boost collagen production. Use of Biocos whitening lotion at night helps your body to increase your melanin production. Biocos whitening lotion enhances the color of your skin naturally.


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