Brilliant Skin Foaming Facial Wash

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Brilliant Skin Foaming Facial Cleanser is a freshly scented facial wash with creamy luxurious foam. It is rich with gentle yet effective active ingredients which cleanses the skin to remove makeup, surface oil, and dirt. It helps in deep exfoliation of the skin while keeping it hydrated to maintain a smooth and healthy complexion.

Removes impurities

Cleanses and tightens pores

Controls oiliness without drying your skin

Prevents blemishes, thus making your skin smooth and healthyFreshly scented facial wash

– Creamy luxurious foam

– Cleanses skin

– Removes makeup, surface oil and dirt

– Helps in deep exfoliation of the skin

– Keeps your skin hydrated

– Maintains smooth skin

– Maintains healthy complexion


Before using, damp the skin with lukewarm water. Gently use the massage brush onto the skin in gentle circular motion. Rinse thoroughly.